In the coming years there will be a very significant development in Nigeria. We have established a mixed Company Italy - Nigeria to be already present to deliver the best technology.

It is our great pleasure to be already available, providing the people and companies our expertise and advice in various sectors.

The Company, Insiemer Ltd is managed by:


Mr. Roberto Fontana. Verona - Italy

After twenty years of experience and success in the industrial field, with the opening of his own companies in Italy, Romania, Serbia and Albania in the compressed air, refrigeration and self-production of nitrogen sectors, at the beginning of 2015 I arrived at the Energy sector, creating and immediately distinguishing the company FR Industrial Representations as Exclusive International Distributor of special and innovative products for a sector that will be the main business in the coming years. The corporate brand is the passion that allows us to offer and guarantee the Professionals the choice of products that meet the ever-increasing quality demands.

F.R. Industrial Representations at International level targets the Wholesalers - Re-sellers - Project Studies - Designers - Installers and Commercial Companies in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, supporting the feasibility study where necessary.

At the beginning of 2017, a Company was opened in Lagos Nigeria.

Here begins another journey ... Africa.


Today the situation is changing, yet there is still the need to see the people happy and companies paying attention to the respect of the environment.

Our Services are 360* providing advice, feasibility study, design and execution of the necessary interventions.

A study aimed at the best solution is never a cost if the result leads to indisputable benefits, whether they are economic or as improvement on the workplace or daily life.

The various products we offer are the result of expertise and discourse with manufacturers and this enables us to propose them in Exclusive for Nigeria.

Continuous assistance is guaranteed by the local collaboration of those who have had technical training and have acquired the capacity to carry out intervention and proffer solution to the likely problem.

In the case of delicate and serious situations, Insiemer Ltd, depends on the foreign technicians with whom we have collaboration agreements. These have also made known their willingness and availability to provide their expertise and assistance whenever needed.

We want to be and we are and we will be a different Supplier of goods and services.

A Supplier with whom it is a pleasure to work with and as well strengthen mutually and beneficial agreements.





Lagos Nigeria